Good accessory expenses

Healthy working environment with low accessory expenses

The technical building systems have been designed to save the environment and ensure low maintenance costs when using the building.
Sektor is a zero-energy building!

energy class
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Energy piles and geothermal heating

Both the geothermal heating as well as cooling is designed using energy piles, meaning that the main heating and cooling needs of the building are covered by a ground-source heat pump system, which is heating the building during winter time and cooling it in the summer. The excessive heat in summer is directed into the ground through the borehole heat exchanger (piles) system, and in winter, the heat of the ground is directed to the rooms using the same system. Only during a very cold weather in winter, an additional heating energy from district heating is used. Compared to the so-called common central heating, this system enables almost a threefold decrease in heating costs during winter.

Flexible ventilation and section-based climate

The building is equipped with a mechanical bidirectional ventilation system ensuring sufficient air-exchange. There are separate ventilation units on every floor that enable regulating the amounts of air in ventilation based on floor sections. This way we can take into consideration individual working schedules of all our tenants.

On every floor, section-based room thermostats are controlling the room climate, sending orders based on the heating or cooling needs of the sensor’s location.

Solar panels

We’re planning on starting to generate solar energy on the roof of the building to improve the energy efficiency of the building even more.

Space layout

Good accessibility

The building is designed so that the main entrance can be accessed from the first floor and the side of the sublevel parking lot without using stairs. Next to the main entrance is a handicap parking space. When entering the main entrance through the lobby, you can get to every floor using the elevator. The handicap restroom is on the first floor next to the lobby.

Moving around is fast and convenient

Two elevators are designed in the building. The floors are additionally connected by 2 separate hallways through which you can also get to the sublevel parking lot.

Flexible space layout

Both Estonian and worldwide research show that the health crisis left a mark on the labour market – people want to work more flexibly than ever before. By taking that into consideration, the space layouts of the new office building give a chance to create a functional working space and cover the operational needs of offices – open spaces can easily be turned into co-working spaces, private studies and meeting or team work rooms of different size by installing smaller cubicles or creating smaller corners for individual work.

Above average height ceilings

Open space is guaranteed – thanks to the open connection lines the height of the ceiling from the second to fifth floor is up to 3 meters and 4 meters on the sixth floor.

Interior design solutions

The design concept of the interior architecture is created so that those parts of space that are connected to elevators would have the same finishing. The main design elements are the decorative wall tiles of the housing of the elevator and wooden rib panels on the ceiling and walls. On the office floors, the floor tiles of the lobby on the first floor are replaced by LVT flooring of the same shade. The colours and materials of the lobby and elevator areas of the office floors have a warm and mild, light shade. The barely noticeable pattern structure of the wall tiles is supported by the natural shade of wood of the rib panels. The finishing of the office space is typical and consists of three options, so that the tenant can combine carpet tiles of different tonality with layered, wood effect LVT flooring. LVT flooring is mainly used on the entrance, wardrobe and kitchen areas of the rented spaces and working areas and meeting rooms.

Meeting rooms have been separate using full glass doors of different width and partly also with glass walls to enable natural light in the rooms.

In addition to sanitary appliances, all restrooms have mirrors, paper towel feeders, soap feeders, trash bins, etc.